Monday, March 03, 2008

Big Tuesday-Ohio Style!!

All political roads lead to Ohio and Texas!!

Since I am recovering from back surgery, the one thing I have to do to pass the time (Besides getting fat) is watch all the political hoopla that sorrounds the Ohio and Texas primaries.

I've been getting drilled by Clinton backers on the phone and witnessed Obama backers freezing their asses off holding up signs out in the freezing cold!

My perception is that my senses have been assaulted more by the Clintonians than the Obamanites which might be why Hillary is ahead in the Polls here.

Although I like Obama, I will most likely vote for Hillary mainly because she at least tried to do something about the Healthcare crisis and also because there would be two Presidential types in the White House for the price of one. The Clinton machine has all the Political machinery in place and the experience to operate it. Obama needs a few more years of making contacts and gaining political street cred before he will be able to accomplish anything.

Most folks I talk to are split and not sure who they are going to vote for until they hit the Polls tomorrow....which could wreac havoc with exit polling!

Weather forecast for tommorow is horrible...but everyone is so jacked about having a Primary that matters, I'm sure there will still be a good turnout at the Polls.

Forecast from the Wayward Caucus Posse: Ohio to Clinton, Texas to Obama!!