Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hangover Avoidance 101!!

As I am out in my travels getting the pulse of middle America with my local Posse, I have run into issues with hangovers! Some lasting 2 days!!

In order to alleviate this Dehydration Dilemma, I took to cyberspace in order to find a plan to initiate before our weekly gathering last night. I focused on dehydration since I believe that is the main Perp in causing hangovers.

Today, I feel pretty darn good!!

Here is the basic plan that I used....

1. Eat a big meal before going out (I focused on fiber)

2. Pound Vitamins before you head out.

3. Drink Clear liquids (Vodka, Gin-I did Vodka and Tonics)

4. Funnel a Ton of Water or Gatorade beforehand. (Electrolytes a big factor/dehydration)

5. Drink water along with your alcoholic buzz bomb as the evening progresses.

6. Eat something when you get home (Oatmeal) and take a hit of Vitamin B/C

7. Sleep as late as you can.

8. Eat a solid breakfast

The downside of all this Damage Control is that you will be ingesting a ton of calories.

If you are worried about some cornball diet your are on, ignore the preceding advice and continue to lose weight while you are upchucking all over your bathroom!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday Tidbits!!

Here is the skinny on what the local peer (Beer) group thinks as this is being written only minutes before the Georgia Polls close...

1. For the most part we thought Obama is having his "Moment in the Sun" but that he would be crushed by the Clinton political machine on Super Tuesday. Obama made a nice late move over the weekend leading to some doubt about our theory, but we know how polls have worked in the recent past.
2. Giuliani let McCain back in the game by having a moronic campaign strategy. McCain now seems like a runaway freight train. The problem is that most republicans, including part my own political posse, don't consider McCain a real "Republican"! Earlier today, Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh came out and made statements against him. The plot thickens, but I think McCain wins in a walk since he isn't a "Traditional" republican candidate. On that same note, Obama isn't doing badly with same label.

3. Sounds like California will decide the contest for both parties. Should be entertaining viewing as the Primaries go into overtime.

Seeing how my Super Bowl prediction was a total bust, I will refrain from making any personal predictions other than my McCain blowout forecast!

Sunday, February 03, 2008


OK!! It's the football Giants, not the baseball Giants!
Eli Manning not Bobby Thompson!!
This has to be one the biggest shockers since "The Shot Heard 'Round the World" back in 1951!!

The hero of the day has to be the New York Giants. No one has been able to come up with a defense to stop the Patriots.....Until Today!

Probably the first time I seen Brady under pressure this whole year.

The Giants blitzes had Brady rushing his passes!!

Great games were had by Michael Strahan and Justin Tuck (Notre Dame Alum!!)

Coughlin will be a "Party Animal" tonight!!!

So much for my "Fearless Prediction"!!!

Fearless Super Bowl 2008 Prediction!!

After consulting with the local sports critics, I have come to the conclusion that New England will blow out the Giants!

My reasoning for this bold statement is that the Pats not only want to go undefeated, but they will also want to make the Super Bowl a "Statement Game". Winning a close game to go undefeated won't be good enough for Brady and Company. Also, too many people are jumping on the Giants bandwagon since they blew away the spread in all of the playoff games.

If you are betting man, I wouldn't put your paycheck on my advice, however, since you can take a look below and see how I thought Notre Dame was going to have a big year!!

Back to The Bogosphere!! The Return of the Kevinator

Super Bowl Sunday is the perfect time for Comeback!!

Lots of neat stuff going on with a Presidential Election looming and Notre Dame trying to mount a big time comeback year!! Stay Tuned here if you would like get an idea of what the average Midwestern paycheck to paycheck dude thinks about things that happen around him!

My personal fortunes have taken a turn for the better as I have found "Gainful" employment in my role as a Recruiter of Emergency Department Physicians. This seems to go against the grain of current trends since quite a few of my younger contemporaries are worried about cutbacks at their companies!! I am still broke, however, since I blew a disk in my back while I was still waiting for my Healthcare Bennies to kick in!! I am counting the hours until my income tax refund show up so I can pay Chiropractor, MRI people, etc!!

Feel free to hang out as I put forth a journal of my rise to mediocrity and espouse my totally biased opinions!!