Friday, May 29, 2009

"Angels and Demons"

If I had to sum up my feeling about this flick into one word, I would say "Lukewarm".

I really felt like I was watching a super catholic retread of an Indiana Jones plot with the Hero rushing around ancient churches and catacombs in an attemp to put together clues in time to catch a bad guy in a race against the clock!

I will give it an "A" in terms of suspense and it also has a lot of twists and turns during the grand conclusion. Tom Hanks also puts in a great performance as usual.

I didn't really walk away from the big screen thinking I saw anything special.

Just another in long line of cliffhanging suspense thrillers!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Captains Log

1. Took another step forward in saving our local Kroger Store from suffering a consumer revolt due to not honoring a gift card that I bought for a now distraught friend. Hillary Clinton should hire me to negotiate her tougher issues..such as North Korea.

2. Big sports night as the Wings win the series with an Overtime goal! On to the Stanley Cup!!!

3. Managed to sneak about an hour workout in between periods of the Hockey Game. Still alternating exercises between all machines. I actually do dumbbell workouts while working
out of my home workouts.

4. The History Channel really went in the crapper the last few years. Now it all about Monsters, Mysteries and The Apocalypse. Whatever happened to all that great history stuff the channel was named for!! Thank God the Military Channel came along to take up the slack.

5. Hats off to KFC for their Grilled Chicken. Its about time someone thought of that!!

6. The great Sleep Apnea Solution Competition rages on! Cpap machine and Tap 3 Dental Device are part of my personal sleep off. Did Cpap last night and woke up an hour early sweating profusely. The Tap 3 Dental Device much more comfy. Plus I sleep like a rock when I use it!!

Tap 3 starting to pull away.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Turbulence Training - Kevin Style!!

I think I've been very consistent with my exercise lately which has paid off with a few more pounds lost.

I'm done with the futility of counting calories and obsessing about fat grams. I know which foods are bad and which are good. Decided to be super consistent with my work outs (Minimum of 1 hour a day with big party days off) and try to only eat when I am legitimately hungry.

Dumped Ballys and joined up with Urban Active. I really love having cable TV on all of the equipment, especially with the Red Wings in the Playoffs.

My latest thing is to alternate between the running track, Treadmill with Incline, Elliptical and a killer new stair climber thing. Seems to really help with any boredom issues. Also, having an IPhone with serious tunes really helps me with intensity!!

Wish Maumee Urban Active had the small hoops court and steam room like Toledo UA has.

Also plenty of "Eyeball Liberty" available for Ex-Sailors at the Maumee location. Not to mention great sugar free smoothies.

No fake sugar either!!!

Charlie Wilson's War

Came home early with a beer buzz, so I thought I would check out "Charley Wilson's War" that I got from Netflix!

Absolutely loved it!!

Phillip Seymour Hoffman was a screech as the bottom line CIA guy with cheap dress shirts and ties that were too short. Footage of Afghanistan and Pakistan were very interesting as I visited Karachi with the Navy back in the fabulous 80's.

Hard to believe a hard partying congressman can have such a big effect in the way of the world.

Movie ended with Mujahadeen giving the boot to the Soviets and Charlie asking for even more money to win hearts and minds in Afghanistan and getting none.

We all know what happened after that.