Sunday, July 20, 2008

Health Notes!!

My love handles have grown into an official belly over the last few years!

I have a new gimmick for losing weight every week or so, but they never seem to last!! My diet is a lot better with less calories, high fiber, etc...but the scale is not showing any progress. My attraction to boozing on Saturday nights isn't helping either. I log all my calories in TDP (The Daily but I am like a dishonest golfer giving myself Mulligans all the time!!

My sleep has gotten better recently now that I have new Cpap gear for my Sleep Apnea. I feel best on the weekends since I can sleep more hours. I guess I should start going to bed earlier but starting work later sounds like more fun!! A newly acquired mask to shield my eyes is a major improvement!! No sun waking me up prematurely!!

Staying pretty consistent with the exercise thing. I especially love the Elliptical at the Gym. I love the Hot Tub and Steam Room even better!!

When I don't make the gym, I try and hike at least 3 miles! I can't really do any resistance training since I had back surgery last February.

Captain's Log

Lots of action with the my Posse today!!
Cousin Smash and his lovely wife have returned from a big trip out to Providence Rhode Island...The trip was highlighted by two of his sons announcing upcoming nuptials! This means a great party is coming next year in Cincinnati and Boston!!! He married off his two girls not long ago and it was a killer party in New York and Providence!!
Other headlines include my brother Jaxun and his lovely wife Peg are finally going to sell there house in Toledo's version of Hell's Kitchen and move to the Burbs!! This came as a total but wonderful shock!! They will no doubt be wondering why they didn't do it sooner like I was when I finally fled the mean streets of East Toledo. When the house we grew up in burned down, maybe we should have took that as a sign of some sort!!

Speaking of moving, my luck is still running hot as I got a check in the mail from Ohio Unclaimed Funds for 5 thousand big ones!! This means I to will be moving...but only across the hall to a 2 bedroom apartment with much more living space!! Also have a 50 inch Plasma targeted for my Living Room!! Should be real sweet for this upcoming football season!!

Lots of excitement everywhere and Summer starts winding down!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday - Stage 2 Hangover!!

Started my day with a Stage 2 Hangover!

I had the Stage 1 hangover on Saturday after a wild Friday night birthday party when I decided to drink like an 18 year old!

A Stage 2 hangover is mainly the leftover tiredness after feeling the worst of Stage 1 the day before!

I did manage to rally and do a semi-serious circuit training workout with some 80's tunes for motivation. Also hiked about 2 miles just to burn some extra calories. I went to see my ENT for a serious ear dewaxing and he told me in a very direct manner that I would be a lot heathier if lost some weight. Big News Flash! He also said to forget the Elliptical and start taking Aerobics classes. This led to my big comeback with the combo aerobics and strength training workout which also generally leads to the dreaded "Workout Hangover" the next day! I am presently pounding water and protein to avoid that from happening!!
I had good luck with my afternoon sports investment as the Twins pulled a comeback win over Arizona with Webb pitching.

Enjoying an excellent sunset and watching Sunday Night Baseball! I got the Cubbies as a 2nd sports investment. So far so good as they lead the hated crosstown Chisox by 2 runs early in the game!!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Latest Workout Poop!!

It appears that exercising piecemeal is better for your Bloodwork!
This is great for busy people that have to sneak in their workout at different times during the day!!

Intermittent Exercise Is More Effective
By Jeremy Diener

Regular exercise is an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle and for the prevention of coronary heart disease, Type II diabetes and obesity. Classic recommendations for endurance exercise have been 20 to 60 minutes of continuous exercise at a vigorous intensity. New research from the University of Missouri-Columbia suggests intermittent exercise is more effective at lowering artery-blocking fat in the bloodstream than continuous exercise when exercising just 30 minutes.

MU researchers conducted the study to examine the effects of continuous versus intermittent exercise on triglyceride, a type of fat, levels in the bloodstream after subjects ate high-fat meals. The results show that people who engage in 30 minutes of exercise can achieve lower triglyceride levels after a high fat meal if they engage in short, separated bouts of exercise rather than one continuous bout. The research team included professor of nutritional sciences Tom Thomas, post-doctorate fellow Thomas Altena, assistant professor of nutritional sciences Stephen Ball, and graduate student Jody Michaelson, all in the College of Human Environmental Sciences. Altena, who is now an assistant professor at Southwest Missouri State University, supervised the study.

“Most Americans who exercise are exercising around 30 minutes a day,” Thomas said. “Based on the results of the research, the intermittent approach would probably be best for most Americans at lowering fat in the bloodstream.”
The researchers examined triglyceride levels following meals in inactive subjects. All subjects performed three different protocols on different days. On the control day, subjects ate a high-fat meal only.

On a second visit, the subjects ate a high-fat meal following a session of continuous exercise. On another visit, the subjects ate a high-fat meal following a session of intermittent exercise in which the subjects exercised in 10-minute bouts separated by 20-minute rest periods.

Results indicated that peak triglyceride levels in the subjects who engaged in intermittent exercise before eating a high-fat meal were reduced by 27 percent. Those who engaged in continuous exercise reduced their triglyceride levels by 15 percent.

Thomas noted that exercising before eating was crucial for fat clearing, saying that the researchers believe muscle contraction during the exercise process stimulates a fat-clearing enzyme in the muscle. According to previous research, the enzyme activity seems to peak about 12 hours after the session of exercise. In addition to showing what type of exercise is best, this information also could help someone determine what time is best for exercise.

Since it’s best to exercise 12 hours before eating a large or high-fat meal, those who eat large breakfasts could benefit more from exercise in the evening, while those who eat large dinners could benefit more from exercise in the morning.

However, Thomas said, the exercise effect on fat clearing does not last more than 24 hours, which suggests the need for daily physical activity to continuously stimulate the fat clearing system.

The research is published in the August issue of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.

Power Smoothies!!!

This place Rocks!!

I can get a huge Smoothie made with Splenda and stay under 300 calories. Most of these island delights are loaded with whatever nutritional ingredients you are into at that very moment.

For example, I thought my immune system could use some support during allergy season, so I tried out a "Morning After" Smoothie designed to fight hangovers with a load of Vitamin C Immune Complex. It tasted awesome, filled me up, and gave me a nice energy bump!!

Need a little caffeine? Try a "Lean Machine" when you "Get up and Go" got up and went!! It's filled with Fat Metabolizers, Strawberries and Banana so you can get your Groove on.

If you are a Buff Bagwell Muscle Head you can go for another Power Smoothie called "Health Nut" that features Blueberries, Mango, Banana, Almonds and your choice of Soy or Whey protein!!

I also thought the Wraps were excellent but have not tried the Sandwiches yet because the Smoothie's were so filling.

The atmosphere is definitely of the ParrotHead type! Lots of Reggae, etc along with a decor to match!!

Tropical Smoothie Cafe gets my highest rating!!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Going Ballistic with Netflix!!

Signed up with Netflix a couple of months ago and am really happy with it!!!

I like being able to browse online rather than having brain cramps while I am looking around a video store! If I get in the mood for a particular video or , I can use their search engine to find just about anything without worrying about not getting it back on time.
I've been watching a lot of old time TV programs and Mini Series including "From the Earth to the Moon"; "The Dick Van Dyke show"; Backstairs at the White House and "The Fugitive". "From the Earth to the Moon" was on of the best Mini Series I have seen...right up there with "Winds of War" and "War and Remembrance"!

My latest video conquest has been the 60's drama "The Fugitive". I remember that show from my childhood and watching the episodes of an innocent man running from the law is every bit as great now as it was then!! Richard Kimble hits it off with a ton of sympathetic early 60's babes and always narrowly escapes Lt. Gerard and his nationwide network of flatfoots!!
A millenium version of "The Fugitive" came out starring Tim Daly in the year 2000 and was also really good...but it only lasted a short time, disappointing not only me, but my whole Saturday night drinking Posse!!
My life would be a lot more dramatic if I had a Narrator like William Conrad!

David Janssen got all the breaks!!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Big Bush Bonus!!

The Commander in Chief just came out and told us our economy will soon be "Robust" again and decided to send us a nifty little tax rebate to help thing along!
I plan on using my 600 dollar windfall as a beginning of an actual savings account which is a very tender first step to getting back on my financial feet after doing the paycheck to paycheck thing for many years!
Most likely, however, my Bush Bonus will be eaten up by impending car maintenance on my PT Cruiser. Every time I take the the thing into Chrysler they charge me an arm and leg even with my warranty in good standing. On top of that it will take two days and a significant amount of time off my job riding their shuttle back and forth!
If car maintenance doesn't wipe out my Bush Bonus, it will most likely be the financial fallout from my recent back surgery. I consider myself very lucky that I have an excellent health plan with my employer, but there is still about a grand or so that wasn't covered.
Looks like my new savings account will be short lived!!

Friday, May 02, 2008

Dirty Rotten Workout Hangovers!!

As you may have read in my previous posts, I have found a formula that pretty much takes care of alcoholic hangovers. Now that I have that figured out, I am running in to "Workout Hangovers" !! In a nutshell, it's feeling bad for doing something that's supposed to be good!

I had back surgery (Microdiscectomy) last February and am recovering pretty well considering it's only been a little over two months since the surgery. I started Physical Therapy in early March and started working out every day (Mainly Elliptical Exercise) in order to lose some of the Gut I developed while laid up. This was all well and good until I started feeling like I was putting tequila in my Gatorade the day after the workouts! Draggy, Cranky, Headachey, etc.

Initially I blamed it on my allergies, but I think it may be simple over training! I ran across this little tidbit in an article by Tom Gorman about Ellipticals....

"Using your elliptical trainer every other day or three times a week should provide adequate workout time, and you should see results quickly. It is important to take “rest days” so as not to overwork your muscles. Overworking can cause your weight loss or muscle building to slow down, not speed up."

Not only does this explain my hangovers but also my reluctance to lose weight! It's easy to underestimate what a good workout the Ellipticals give since you don't actually notice how hard you are working out! It is very low impact!

Looks like I will be working out every other day for at least the near future!!

Common warning signs of over training include:

Washed-out feeling, tired, drained, lack of energy
Mild leg soreness, general aches and pains
Pain in muscles and joints
Sudden drop in performance
Decreased immunity (increased number of colds, and sore throats)
Decrease in training capacity / intensity
Moodiness and irritability
Loss of enthusiasm for the sport
Decreased appetite
Increased incidence of injuries.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Big Tuesday-Ohio Style!!

All political roads lead to Ohio and Texas!!

Since I am recovering from back surgery, the one thing I have to do to pass the time (Besides getting fat) is watch all the political hoopla that sorrounds the Ohio and Texas primaries.

I've been getting drilled by Clinton backers on the phone and witnessed Obama backers freezing their asses off holding up signs out in the freezing cold!

My perception is that my senses have been assaulted more by the Clintonians than the Obamanites which might be why Hillary is ahead in the Polls here.

Although I like Obama, I will most likely vote for Hillary mainly because she at least tried to do something about the Healthcare crisis and also because there would be two Presidential types in the White House for the price of one. The Clinton machine has all the Political machinery in place and the experience to operate it. Obama needs a few more years of making contacts and gaining political street cred before he will be able to accomplish anything.

Most folks I talk to are split and not sure who they are going to vote for until they hit the Polls tomorrow....which could wreac havoc with exit polling!

Weather forecast for tommorow is horrible...but everyone is so jacked about having a Primary that matters, I'm sure there will still be a good turnout at the Polls.

Forecast from the Wayward Caucus Posse: Ohio to Clinton, Texas to Obama!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hangover Avoidance 101!!

As I am out in my travels getting the pulse of middle America with my local Posse, I have run into issues with hangovers! Some lasting 2 days!!

In order to alleviate this Dehydration Dilemma, I took to cyberspace in order to find a plan to initiate before our weekly gathering last night. I focused on dehydration since I believe that is the main Perp in causing hangovers.

Today, I feel pretty darn good!!

Here is the basic plan that I used....

1. Eat a big meal before going out (I focused on fiber)

2. Pound Vitamins before you head out.

3. Drink Clear liquids (Vodka, Gin-I did Vodka and Tonics)

4. Funnel a Ton of Water or Gatorade beforehand. (Electrolytes a big factor/dehydration)

5. Drink water along with your alcoholic buzz bomb as the evening progresses.

6. Eat something when you get home (Oatmeal) and take a hit of Vitamin B/C

7. Sleep as late as you can.

8. Eat a solid breakfast

The downside of all this Damage Control is that you will be ingesting a ton of calories.

If you are worried about some cornball diet your are on, ignore the preceding advice and continue to lose weight while you are upchucking all over your bathroom!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday Tidbits!!

Here is the skinny on what the local peer (Beer) group thinks as this is being written only minutes before the Georgia Polls close...

1. For the most part we thought Obama is having his "Moment in the Sun" but that he would be crushed by the Clinton political machine on Super Tuesday. Obama made a nice late move over the weekend leading to some doubt about our theory, but we know how polls have worked in the recent past.
2. Giuliani let McCain back in the game by having a moronic campaign strategy. McCain now seems like a runaway freight train. The problem is that most republicans, including part my own political posse, don't consider McCain a real "Republican"! Earlier today, Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh came out and made statements against him. The plot thickens, but I think McCain wins in a walk since he isn't a "Traditional" republican candidate. On that same note, Obama isn't doing badly with same label.

3. Sounds like California will decide the contest for both parties. Should be entertaining viewing as the Primaries go into overtime.

Seeing how my Super Bowl prediction was a total bust, I will refrain from making any personal predictions other than my McCain blowout forecast!

Sunday, February 03, 2008


OK!! It's the football Giants, not the baseball Giants!
Eli Manning not Bobby Thompson!!
This has to be one the biggest shockers since "The Shot Heard 'Round the World" back in 1951!!

The hero of the day has to be the New York Giants. No one has been able to come up with a defense to stop the Patriots.....Until Today!

Probably the first time I seen Brady under pressure this whole year.

The Giants blitzes had Brady rushing his passes!!

Great games were had by Michael Strahan and Justin Tuck (Notre Dame Alum!!)

Coughlin will be a "Party Animal" tonight!!!

So much for my "Fearless Prediction"!!!

Fearless Super Bowl 2008 Prediction!!

After consulting with the local sports critics, I have come to the conclusion that New England will blow out the Giants!

My reasoning for this bold statement is that the Pats not only want to go undefeated, but they will also want to make the Super Bowl a "Statement Game". Winning a close game to go undefeated won't be good enough for Brady and Company. Also, too many people are jumping on the Giants bandwagon since they blew away the spread in all of the playoff games.

If you are betting man, I wouldn't put your paycheck on my advice, however, since you can take a look below and see how I thought Notre Dame was going to have a big year!!

Back to The Bogosphere!! The Return of the Kevinator

Super Bowl Sunday is the perfect time for Comeback!!

Lots of neat stuff going on with a Presidential Election looming and Notre Dame trying to mount a big time comeback year!! Stay Tuned here if you would like get an idea of what the average Midwestern paycheck to paycheck dude thinks about things that happen around him!

My personal fortunes have taken a turn for the better as I have found "Gainful" employment in my role as a Recruiter of Emergency Department Physicians. This seems to go against the grain of current trends since quite a few of my younger contemporaries are worried about cutbacks at their companies!! I am still broke, however, since I blew a disk in my back while I was still waiting for my Healthcare Bennies to kick in!! I am counting the hours until my income tax refund show up so I can pay Chiropractor, MRI people, etc!!

Feel free to hang out as I put forth a journal of my rise to mediocrity and espouse my totally biased opinions!!