Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday - Stage 2 Hangover!!

Started my day with a Stage 2 Hangover!

I had the Stage 1 hangover on Saturday after a wild Friday night birthday party when I decided to drink like an 18 year old!

A Stage 2 hangover is mainly the leftover tiredness after feeling the worst of Stage 1 the day before!

I did manage to rally and do a semi-serious circuit training workout with some 80's tunes for motivation. Also hiked about 2 miles just to burn some extra calories. I went to see my ENT for a serious ear dewaxing and he told me in a very direct manner that I would be a lot heathier if lost some weight. Big News Flash! He also said to forget the Elliptical and start taking Aerobics classes. This led to my big comeback with the combo aerobics and strength training workout which also generally leads to the dreaded "Workout Hangover" the next day! I am presently pounding water and protein to avoid that from happening!!
I had good luck with my afternoon sports investment as the Twins pulled a comeback win over Arizona with Webb pitching.

Enjoying an excellent sunset and watching Sunday Night Baseball! I got the Cubbies as a 2nd sports investment. So far so good as they lead the hated crosstown Chisox by 2 runs early in the game!!