Sunday, May 08, 2011

Piecemeal Exercise Department


There is no rule that says we have to do our exercise all at once!!

Its amazing how much exercise you can do during commercial breaks while watching sports all night on TV!!

I gave this a try while watching baseball playoff games a couple years back and was able to do over 100 push ups and 100 bicep curls!!
When I tried to find out more information about piecemeal exercise I found an article in by that said the following about how everyday people fared working out in at different times of the day!

  • They were able to stick to their workouts more consistently
  • They exercised more days a week than the long-bout group
  • They accumulated more exercise time each week than the long-bout group
  • They lost more weight, an average of 19 lbs versus 14 lbs for the long-bout group 
Today, I really wanted to watch the Yankee Game, get my laundry done and run some errands.

I was able to accomplish all that and still get in a 5 mile walk and also do over 100 Push ups and Bicep Curls!

I did my 5 Mile walk in 3 increments and did the strength training during the commercials!

Turned out to be more than I would have ever done during one my hour workouts at the gym!!

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