Sunday, July 31, 2011

Yanks win again Department!!



- Great to see the Yankees lock it down after the 6th inning. Noesi, Robertson and Rivera! If we can do this consistently we will be in great shape!! DRob was a monster on the mound!!  Not sure why Joe took out Noesi all of a sudden but the result can't be argued with!!

- Teixeira looks totally back in the groove now going 2-3! We need him to produce with ARod out.

- My players of the game were Gardy for delivering a huge hit to put us in the lead and Garcia for only giving up 2 runs and getting 6K's. Honorable mention to DRob!!

- Jeter got plunked and had to be taken out of the game because he couldn't really throw. Looks like its a day to day thing. Most like miss about 2 games according to Roto.

- Love when Yes has Paul O'Neill and Ken Singleton together with Kay.  Singleton has a great voice and O'Neill is a major smile!!

- I usually watch the game TV on my laptop since the stream breaks up to much on regular PC. For some reason, I got a big treat when I was able to watch on my regular PC with the big screen and speakers. Hope that keeps happening!!!

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