Sunday, February 03, 2008

Back to The Bogosphere!! The Return of the Kevinator

Super Bowl Sunday is the perfect time for Comeback!!

Lots of neat stuff going on with a Presidential Election looming and Notre Dame trying to mount a big time comeback year!! Stay Tuned here if you would like get an idea of what the average Midwestern paycheck to paycheck dude thinks about things that happen around him!

My personal fortunes have taken a turn for the better as I have found "Gainful" employment in my role as a Recruiter of Emergency Department Physicians. This seems to go against the grain of current trends since quite a few of my younger contemporaries are worried about cutbacks at their companies!! I am still broke, however, since I blew a disk in my back while I was still waiting for my Healthcare Bennies to kick in!! I am counting the hours until my income tax refund show up so I can pay Chiropractor, MRI people, etc!!

Feel free to hang out as I put forth a journal of my rise to mediocrity and espouse my totally biased opinions!!

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