Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hangover Avoidance 101!!

As I am out in my travels getting the pulse of middle America with my local Posse, I have run into issues with hangovers! Some lasting 2 days!!

In order to alleviate this Dehydration Dilemma, I took to cyberspace in order to find a plan to initiate before our weekly gathering last night. I focused on dehydration since I believe that is the main Perp in causing hangovers.

Today, I feel pretty darn good!!

Here is the basic plan that I used....

1. Eat a big meal before going out (I focused on fiber)

2. Pound Vitamins before you head out.

3. Drink Clear liquids (Vodka, Gin-I did Vodka and Tonics)

4. Funnel a Ton of Water or Gatorade beforehand. (Electrolytes a big factor/dehydration)

5. Drink water along with your alcoholic buzz bomb as the evening progresses.

6. Eat something when you get home (Oatmeal) and take a hit of Vitamin B/C

7. Sleep as late as you can.

8. Eat a solid breakfast

The downside of all this Damage Control is that you will be ingesting a ton of calories.

If you are worried about some cornball diet your are on, ignore the preceding advice and continue to lose weight while you are upchucking all over your bathroom!

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