Sunday, July 20, 2008

Captain's Log

Lots of action with the my Posse today!!
Cousin Smash and his lovely wife have returned from a big trip out to Providence Rhode Island...The trip was highlighted by two of his sons announcing upcoming nuptials! This means a great party is coming next year in Cincinnati and Boston!!! He married off his two girls not long ago and it was a killer party in New York and Providence!!
Other headlines include my brother Jaxun and his lovely wife Peg are finally going to sell there house in Toledo's version of Hell's Kitchen and move to the Burbs!! This came as a total but wonderful shock!! They will no doubt be wondering why they didn't do it sooner like I was when I finally fled the mean streets of East Toledo. When the house we grew up in burned down, maybe we should have took that as a sign of some sort!!

Speaking of moving, my luck is still running hot as I got a check in the mail from Ohio Unclaimed Funds for 5 thousand big ones!! This means I to will be moving...but only across the hall to a 2 bedroom apartment with much more living space!! Also have a 50 inch Plasma targeted for my Living Room!! Should be real sweet for this upcoming football season!!

Lots of excitement everywhere and Summer starts winding down!!

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