Sunday, July 20, 2008

Health Notes!!

My love handles have grown into an official belly over the last few years!

I have a new gimmick for losing weight every week or so, but they never seem to last!! My diet is a lot better with less calories, high fiber, etc...but the scale is not showing any progress. My attraction to boozing on Saturday nights isn't helping either. I log all my calories in TDP (The Daily but I am like a dishonest golfer giving myself Mulligans all the time!!

My sleep has gotten better recently now that I have new Cpap gear for my Sleep Apnea. I feel best on the weekends since I can sleep more hours. I guess I should start going to bed earlier but starting work later sounds like more fun!! A newly acquired mask to shield my eyes is a major improvement!! No sun waking me up prematurely!!

Staying pretty consistent with the exercise thing. I especially love the Elliptical at the Gym. I love the Hot Tub and Steam Room even better!!

When I don't make the gym, I try and hike at least 3 miles! I can't really do any resistance training since I had back surgery last February.

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