Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Captains Log

1. Took another step forward in saving our local Kroger Store from suffering a consumer revolt due to not honoring a gift card that I bought for a now distraught friend. Hillary Clinton should hire me to negotiate her tougher issues..such as North Korea.

2. Big sports night as the Wings win the series with an Overtime goal! On to the Stanley Cup!!!

3. Managed to sneak about an hour workout in between periods of the Hockey Game. Still alternating exercises between all machines. I actually do dumbbell workouts while working
out of my home workouts.

4. The History Channel really went in the crapper the last few years. Now it all about Monsters, Mysteries and The Apocalypse. Whatever happened to all that great history stuff the channel was named for!! Thank God the Military Channel came along to take up the slack.

5. Hats off to KFC for their Grilled Chicken. Its about time someone thought of that!!

6. The great Sleep Apnea Solution Competition rages on! Cpap machine and Tap 3 Dental Device are part of my personal sleep off. Did Cpap last night and woke up an hour early sweating profusely. The Tap 3 Dental Device much more comfy. Plus I sleep like a rock when I use it!!

Tap 3 starting to pull away.

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