Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Big Bush Bonus!!

The Commander in Chief just came out and told us our economy will soon be "Robust" again and decided to send us a nifty little tax rebate to help thing along!
I plan on using my 600 dollar windfall as a beginning of an actual savings account which is a very tender first step to getting back on my financial feet after doing the paycheck to paycheck thing for many years!
Most likely, however, my Bush Bonus will be eaten up by impending car maintenance on my PT Cruiser. Every time I take the the thing into Chrysler they charge me an arm and leg even with my warranty in good standing. On top of that it will take two days and a significant amount of time off my job riding their shuttle back and forth!
If car maintenance doesn't wipe out my Bush Bonus, it will most likely be the financial fallout from my recent back surgery. I consider myself very lucky that I have an excellent health plan with my employer, but there is still about a grand or so that wasn't covered.
Looks like my new savings account will be short lived!!

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