Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Power Smoothies!!!

This place Rocks!!

I can get a huge Smoothie made with Splenda and stay under 300 calories. Most of these island delights are loaded with whatever nutritional ingredients you are into at that very moment.

For example, I thought my immune system could use some support during allergy season, so I tried out a "Morning After" Smoothie designed to fight hangovers with a load of Vitamin C Immune Complex. It tasted awesome, filled me up, and gave me a nice energy bump!!

Need a little caffeine? Try a "Lean Machine" when you "Get up and Go" got up and went!! It's filled with Fat Metabolizers, Strawberries and Banana so you can get your Groove on.

If you are a Buff Bagwell Muscle Head you can go for another Power Smoothie called "Health Nut" that features Blueberries, Mango, Banana, Almonds and your choice of Soy or Whey protein!!

I also thought the Wraps were excellent but have not tried the Sandwiches yet because the Smoothie's were so filling.

The atmosphere is definitely of the ParrotHead type! Lots of Reggae, etc along with a decor to match!!

Tropical Smoothie Cafe gets my highest rating!!

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