Saturday, September 17, 2005

A Generational View of the Name Game!!


Just killing some time before ND plays Michigan State later this afternoon! Started noticing the difference in nicknames comparing my parents generation to present day. It would seem that people were much more humble back in the era of "The Greatest Generation". When you were stamped with a nickname back then, it was usually something cute that wasn't very flattering. My mom was called "Jimmy" and my father had many mysterious names like "Oral" and "Hank". My dad apparently had a brother they called "Oval" and I even had an "Aunt Nonie"!

Another window into past nomenclatures would be baseball nicknames! Names like Dummy Hoy, Wahoo Sam Crawford, Turkey Strearns, High Pockets Kelly, Leo "The Lip" Durocher, Peanuts Lowry and Spittin Bill Doak! Compare that to names of present day players like Crime Dog McGriff, Neon Deon Sanders, The Big Unit, Scrap Iron Garner, Mr. October etc.

You might also notice that very few kids these days are named John, Bill, Bob, etc.

Are we a little full of ourselves compared to earlier generations?

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