Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Lose the Urban Assault Vehicles!!

It's about time we get serious about fuel conservation and dump those Gas Hog Urban Assault Vehicles we've been driving....will the VW Bug make a comeback!! I wish Toledo had a Bay Area Rapid Transit or even an Elevated like Chicago!!!


Melanie Alamo said...
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liberal_dem said...

America's thirst for oil will only be stemmed by one of three actions:

1. very high price
2. incentives to reduce consumption
3. rationing

None of these is current and with an oil executive in the WH, don't look for any help until 1/09, at the earliest.

JackRyan said...

I know this sounds disgusting, but if modern science could figure out a way to use human mucus (Especially during allergy season) to power the Urban Assault Vehicles, I'd be Jillionaire!!