Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Welcome to EastToledoVille!

I just stumbled across this really cheap and easy way to have my own blog!! I'm not really sure where I'm going with this but I guess this will be about the meanderings of the typical midwest paycheck to paycheck type dude trying to make sense of it all.

Just had an emotionally mixed bag weekend. I was all pumped up Saturday morning when The Irish won the big game in the Big House but was bummed out later when the Buckeyes went down to the stupid Longhorns.

The local primaries are going on in the Glass City. We have a person named Opal Covey running for Mayor. I think she should be elected mainly because of her entertainment value. I don't think she has a good record with animal advocacy groups, however!!


Tom Sutherland said...

But you need to tell the world about Sleepy LaBeef.

liberal_dem said...

Jack- I hope your boat is ready to launch as Opal's curse [from god] will soon come to Toledo!