Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Sleepy LeBeef at the Black Swamp Fest!!

Made it down to the Black Swamp Fest to check out Sleepy LeBeef!! Hooked up with Sudsy (And Family) and Spence who are alumni from the record store days. Sleepy did a great job once again with "Polk Salad Annie". I was a little disappointed since he didn't do "Suzie Q" like he did at the Magic Bag in Detroit. Other than that, Sleepy Rocked!!

Gorgeous night in BG and everyone was talking about the next days football matchups, when all of a sudden a hush fell out over the group and I felt a female type hugging me from behind! My delusions of grandeur were completely assuaged when I found it was my neice, who was there with her pilot hubby, Tad, being good Bowling Green Alumni!

Got home just in time to see OU put a whoopin on Pitt!!

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