Monday, September 19, 2005

Trying to Reason with the Football Season!

It's Monday night and I'm just now able to speak about Notre Dame's overtime loss to Michigan State. They played like a top 5 team and I was real impressed with the Irish and their big comback that just fell short. The clock ran out with MSU pinned on their goal line which eventually spelled doom for domers since we suck when it comes to overtime. If MSU goes out and lays an egg next weekend, it will really piss me off since their Quarterback looked like the second coming of Fran Tarkenton! To add insult to injury, MSU made a big deal of planting their flag on Irish turf right in front of the cameras. I bet Coach Weis makes good use of that next year when we visit Lansing!!

I also took a sound thrashing in fantasy football, my pick em league and all my side bets. Everything I backed went to hell in a hand basket.

"Where's that Sharp Knife...."

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