Friday, March 12, 2010

A Note On Cortisol and Over Exertion

I felt pretty crappy after hitting the caffeine pretty hard then walking 5 miles during the course of the day.   Did a little research then came up with this little tidbit. Its part of a whole article entitled "Recognizing the Signs of Stress and Over Training"

I took out the most important paragraph and posted it here to keep things simple and easy!!

"Over-training ties into the fact that hormones work in pairs. When adrenaline is released in response to stress, the even more powerful hormone, cortisol, is also released into our bloodstream. Excess cortisol stimulates glucose production and simultaneously catabolizes (breaks down) lean muscle tissue for energy. This is obviously not a good outcome for anyone on a fat loss program or for someone trying to build lean muscle tissue."

What are the symptoms of over-training?

* Tiredness, bordering on apathy

* Chronic fatigue

* Insomnia

* Injuries that do not heal

* Loss of lean muscle tissue

* Frequent colds and infections, due to a lowered immune system

* Biochemical depression

* Craving stimulants caffeine and sugars

* Having a tough time getting started in the morning

* Muscle cramps, due to mineral deficiencies

* Feeling 'brain-dead'

Teya Skae M.A.
Clinical Kinesiologist/Nutritionist
EFT Expert and Coach
Teya is the founder of Empowered Living

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