Thursday, March 11, 2010

Top 10 Reasons You Keep Getting Fatter

If you exercise  and eat right but keep getting fatter then this will be the most important article you'll ever read.

Here's why. In this article I'm going to share with you the top 10 reasons why you keep getting fatter. Studies have PROVEN it. My experience has shown it. Bottom line is... at least one of these 10 hidden "weight gainers" is your primary culprit... guaranteed!

Here's the best part...

You can fix them right now. TODAY! It really is pretty simple stuff. Anyone can do it.

Now most likely you'll pinpoint three or four reasons on this list that are packing on the pounds. Maybe more.

But that's great news. Just means that if you address them quickly then you'll be able to start seeing significant results. Only takes a few days or less! I've witnessed this happen dozens of times to people just like you.

So read through the list of "The Top 10 Reasons You Keep Getting Fatter" and find your culprits. Then fix them. That's it.

Here's the list...
1. You believe you were created to be fat. That it's in your genetics.
2. You're living a "low carb" lifestyle.
3. You're dieting, cutting calories, skipping meals or flat out starving yourself.
4. You're consuming too much bread.
5. You continue to make bad food choices. (Bowl of ice cream at night.)
6. You're stuffing your face with "starchy" carbs like pasta or pizza crust.
7. You do not have a specific "goal" weight and a specific time-frame for achieving it.
8. You're consuming lots and lots of refined sugar. (Just check your labels for things like high fructose corn syrup.)
9. You're not working out at least five days each week.
10. You're not keeping your body in a constant state of hydration.

So what is the #1 reason that people struggle? Well from what I've seen there are actually four that stand out as the biggest culprits. They are #6, #8, #9, #10. But any of the other items could definitely be your reasons for getting fatter.

Here's how to make this really really easy...
Just take the top two items on this list that you feel have caused you to keep getting fatter and focus all your attention on them.

For example... if you strongly feel that item #9 and #1 are the dirty devils holding you back, then just begin to exercise five days per week and cement into your head that many studies have found that genetics play almost NO role in abnormal body fat

If you do that for two weeks and don't see results, then just try another couple of items on this list that you believe might be it.

That's all.

Super simple stuff. But it's wildly effective!
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