Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Howard Dean Meets The Obama Girl!

Only in the blogosphere will you find Howard Dean and the Obama Girl in the same Headline!

Leah Kaufman, who wrote "Obama Girl", has unwittingly unleashed a political tsunami in cyberspace. Once again, a political candidate has gotten a major bounce from an internet happening. It went from You Tube to the blogosphere and to the Television Networks faster than it takes to reboot the typical PC!

Barack Obama (D-Illinois) never seemed a serious presidential candidate until last September when Oprah gave him a ringing endorsement on Larry King. From that point it seemed like Obama has been really getting the buzz. If fact, he is giving Hillary Clinton a run for the money to be runner up in the Iowa Primary behind John Edwards.

We all remember how Howard Dean got all that buzz in cyberspace before the last election but ran out of steam with "The Scream" in Iowa. The question for the upcoming presidential election is......

Will the Internet/Blogosphere ever have the Power to be a major influence on who becomes the next President?

It's not hard to imagine legions of Democrats or Republicans showing up at the opposition rallies waiting for a "Mucaca Moment" that they can film on their cell phone cameras and have on You Tube within the same hour!

My somewhat ignorant conclusion is that the Presidential Race could be won by the most internet savvy campaign! Whether that's good or bad is for the future to tell!

As for the "Obama Girl", a big pat on the back for showing us the impact of cyberspace.

I hope we never see an "Osama Girl"!!

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