Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Rescue Me Is Back!!


Something to watch this summer besides Baseball!!

Rescue Me returns tonight on FX! One of my favorite shows of all time.....Right up there with Hill Street Blues, MASH, Homicide, Miami Vice and the ultimate 60's thriller, "The Fugitive"!

Things I have in common with Tommy Gavin
(Lead Character)
1. I like Jameson's Whiskey
2. I like wearing stupid Irish Shirts
3. I played Hockey (Rugby later in Life)
4. I worked in a Uniform once (Navy instead of Fire Department)
5. I have Commitment Issues
6. I like to use Bad Words

Things I don't have in common with Tommy Gavin
1. Getting in Fights on a Daily Basis
2. Having a Hot Blonde Wife
3. Having an Exciting Job
4. Having Affairs with Hot Widows
5. Giving up Alcohol
6. Constant Hallucinations
7. I live in Toledo and not New York

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