Sunday, June 10, 2007

Walking - Simple and Effective!

It seems as though we concentrate on weight loss so much that we lose the big picture of making ourselves more healthy. Walking is one of the simplest and healthiest things we can do....although the weight loss merits are heavily debated.

Here is an interesting paragraph from a Wendy Baumgartner article of!

"A moderate level of physical activity, such as walking 30 minutes a day, lengthened life by 1.3 years and added 1.1 more years without cardiovascular disease, compared with those with low activity levels. Those who chose a high physical activity level gained 3.7 years of life and added 3.3 more years without cardiovascular disease."

I can personally testify that walking works like magic regarding my blood pressure, cholesterol, etc........and it also seems to help me maintain a weight loss!

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