Saturday, June 16, 2007

Notre Dame Football - ESPN Take!

I was just listening to ESPN Radio Gameday with John Stashower and Mel Kiper while I was returning from doing my Jared Fogle imitation at the local Subway shop.

They had a guest on in regards to Notre Dame Football, but I didn't catch his name....they were of the opinion that Evan Sharpley would most likely get the starting nod with Jimmy Clausen coming in later in the season. They also mentioned that Coach Weis would run a very conservative, boring offense relying solely on the running game.

As I mentioned in former posts, I do believe the emphasis will be on the running game, but I differ with them in terms of the QB and the Offense. If Weis wants to start out with the focus on running, I would think he would go with Demetrius Jones, since he has got the wheels to be a running threat on his own. I also think the offense could be exciting if Notre Dame really does get a good running game going, since it would take the pressure off an inexperienced QB when he does put the ball in the air!!

They also failed to mention anything about Corwin Brown improving the Defense, which I think will be a big factor in the tough part of the Irish schedule at the beginning of the season.

One thing on ESPN Gameday that there can be no doubt about.......

The Irish will be facing one mean, aggressive defense when they open with Georgia Tech!

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