Friday, June 08, 2007

Office Phone Mania!!

Who was the jerk that started the "Make sure you tell someone you love them, because it might be the last time you see them" rule???

Whoever started this couldn't have known what a trend they started! If you work in a typical office cubicle where you can hear everyone else's phone conversations, most of you guys out there knows what I'm talking about! The female of our species now has to say "I love you" at least 500 times during the typical phone conversation with their family members! Here are two examples of what you might hear"

"If I ever see that girl naked in my house again...I'll have your Head!! .... I love you....

"You forgot to make the Mortgage Payment last Month"......I love you....

To keep your membership to the Loving Mothers Union, you have to say "I Love You" at 5 times at the end of every conversation. The worst part is that it is contagious. Once one female type starts saying that....the rest have to do the same or turn in their Mom cards.

Last time I checked, my brothers and I grew up and turned out just fine without my mother having to say that every five minutes!! In fact, I think the greatest gift she gave us was not professing her love for us every 5 minutes. Working her ass off to help feed us worked just fine!!

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