Saturday, June 09, 2007

Riot At The Local Speedway!

Gorgeous day here in Toledoville!

I decided to start my day with a super caffeinated liquid fat bomb (Coffee) from my local Speedway! On the way in I noticed a damsel (Yes, she was an aesthetically pleasing female) in distress as she apparently ran out of gas and was trying to push a big urban assault vehicle (SUV) to the pump. All of the hours on the elliptical paid off as we whipped it right up to the pump! As I was waiting in line to get the coffee and cash in my rewards points on a gift card, I noticed one of the two girls working there was having problems with her computer/register and was besieged by impatient customers. When I finally got to the front of the line at the working register, the gal that was waiting on me freaked out because her terminal froze in the middle of my transaction.

This meant that there were no working cash registers!!!!!

She had to break out one of those old credit card slide things and run my card through it....compounding the situation was the fact that she was so young she never saw a Credit Card Slider thingy and was clueless how to operate one!! It took not only my expertise , but also 2 former retail persons from the 80's to show her how to complete the transaction!

By this time, the crowd behind me had grown exponentially and was getting uglier by the minute.....I did the manly thing and got the hell out of there!

After refilling my coffee, of course!!

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